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Gideon Brothers – visit

Gideon Brothers – visit

On Friday, May 17, 2024, final year students of Mechatronics and Robotics and Autonomous Systems and Computer Intelligence visited the offices and test warehouse of the Gideon Brothers company. The goal of the visit was to bring the students closer to the business of a renowned Croatian startup that develops innovative products for the global market.

In the first part of the visit, Gideon Brothers employees hosted our students in their office and presented their main products, autonomous robotic solutions Trey (an autonomous forklift for loading and unloading cargo into truck trailers) and Casey (a solution for automating and optimizing order preparation in distribution centers ). Through the presentation and a series of questions, the students had the opportunity to learn about the motivation behind starting a startup, the problems they are trying to solve, the innovations in their autonomous robotic systems, and the challenges and successes of the team.

In the second part of the visit, the students were taken through the halls where parts of robotic systems are assembled, tested and implemented. At the end of the visit, they were also taken through a test warehouse where they saw the robots Casey and Trey successfully performing their tasks in an industrial warehouse environment. The team from Gideon Brothers also made an effort in this part of the visit to show and explain to our students as much as possible about their robots and their work.

Thank you Gideon Brothers for your hospitality and taking time for our students!

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