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CRTA in media

We participated in the following shows:

17.05.2022. UNA TV
Presentation of research in CRTA

16.06.2019. RTL Danas
Transhumanism: a new man or the end of man?

28.01.2021. Treći program Hrvatskoga radija
Robots and robotics in economy and medicine

16.06.2019. RTL Danas
Croatian science fiction: Surgeons are leaving, robots are staying

20.05.2019. Prvi program Hrvatskoga radija
Business Week

14.03.2018. Hrvatski radio
Development Code

13.03.2019. MrežaTV
People who make a difference – Robotics, not as technology, but as a culture

28.01.2015. TEDxMaksimir
Towards a new age: the challenge of robotics. Are we ready?

Read what other media writes about us:

28.06.2021. ZG magazin
The Regional Center of Excellence for Robotic Technologies – CRTA opened

28.06.2021. Vlada Republike Hrvatske
Plenković: Science and education are key to the economic development of society and the country.

28.06.2021. Večernji List
Here we are not working on robots that will replace people, but that will work with people

28.06.2021. N1
The Regional Center of Excellence for Robotic Technologies CRTA opened

28.06.2021. Jutarnji List
The Regional Center of Excellence for Robotics Technology (CRTA) has been officially opened: 'Croatia keeps pace with the Fourth Industrial Revolution'

13.10.2020. Glas Slavonije
Business community begins to understand benefits of IoT application

08.08.2020. BUG
Digitalisation seeks profound changes in society

12.12.2019. Glas Hrvatske
New Croatian robotic system introduced in Düsseldorf

10.12.2019. Zimo
Croatian roboticists part of the world's elite in the field of medical robotics

10.12.2019. tportal
Croatian neurosurgical robot one of five KUKA Innovation Award finalists

29.11.2019. Agencija za znanost i visoko obrazovanje
Debate "Transhumanism – Freedom without Responsibility" held, organized by the World Youth Union

13.11.2019. ICT Business
Start of construction of the Regional Center of Excellence for Robotic Technologies – CRTA

13.11.2019. Energetika-net
A new time of robotics at the University of Zagreb

12.11.2019. Zimo
Construction of regional centre of excellence for robotic technologies begins – CRTA

23.10.2019. Express
World success of Croatian surgeons: RONNA never makes mistakes

18.10.2019. 24 sata
Top of the world's technology: Head-drilling robot is Croatian invention

04.10.2019. GeeK.hr
Croatia develops successful robotic neurosurgical system

27.09.2019. HRT
Croatian robot RONNA even better and more capable

25.09.2019. net.hr
Will Croatia become a technology brand? We have been developing a robotic neurosurgery system for ten years

24.09.2019. Adris
Adris Foundation: In the thirteenth cycle more than 3 million HRK for excellence and knowledge

24.09.2019. Večernji list
Croatia becomes a technology brand in medical robotics

24.06.2019. MEDICA Magazine
Healthy Living thanks to robotics – KUKA Innovation Award 2019

02.12.2018. tportal
'It's a huge job, but Zagreb will become an important centre for the development of humanoid robots in a few years' time

23.11.2018. N1
The invention of robot neurosurgeons is a major step forward in Croatian science

16.11.2018. tportal
We were on site: Successful Croatian medical robots are being created in rooms that have already outgrown

06.11.2018. Večernji list
Robot RONNA will also operate on the spine, and biopsies will work without a doctor

02.10.2018. HRT Vijesti
Robots are increasingly participating in surgeries

22.07.2018. tportal
Meet the local robot that helps neurosurgeons in Dubrava, and next in line is – spinal surgery

02.07.2018. Poslovni dnevnik
Croatian neurosurgical robot prepares for certification

30.06.2018. Slobodna Dalmacija
Scientists around the world are taking their hats off to Croatian experts: RONNA G4 is the best neurosurgical robot, but an even more powerful NERO is coming soon

28.06.2018. Lider
Croatian neurosurgical robot RONNA G4 beats strong competition in London

28.06.2018 University of Zagreb
RONNA G4 project in London receives prestigious international award for best innovation

27.06.2018. ZG-magazin
Croatian robot RONNA – the best technological achievement in medical robotics in 2018.

10.06.2018. Jutarnji Life
European millions for the renaissance of Croatian science: How scientific institutions proved to be our most successful beneficiary of EU funds

28.05.2018. dnevnik.hr
Biggest investment in scientific infrastructure and equipment in 10 years: 1 billion HRK for Croatian science

28.05.2018. Ministarstvo znanosti i obrazovanja RH
Science for investments in equipment and infrastructure 1 billion HRK from EU funds

24.01.2018. Večernji list
Croatia creates new neurosurgical robot to shorten duration of surgeries

19.12.2017. FSB Online
NERO – Neurosurgical Robot research development project started

16.12.2017. Večernji list
Neurosurgical robot NERO is a helper for neurosurgeons

14.12.2017. HAMAG BICRO
NERO project: Development of innovative robotic system for performing neurosurgical interventions by INETEC

12.12.2017. tportal
NERO project: Development of innovative robotic system for neurosurgical procedures

01.07.2017. Večernji list
'Without a radical turn we will remain a techno colony'

20.06.2016. Jutarnji list
Home robots will be developed in downtown Zagreb

01.04.2016. BUG
Robot RONNA performs its first brain surgery

01.04.2016. Nacional
GREAT SUCCESS: Dubrava Hospital performed neurosurgical surgery with the help of the Croatian robotic system

31.03.2016. RTL
First robotic stereotactic neurosurgical surgery performed at Dubrava University Hospital

31.03.2016. 24 sata
Croatian robot RONNA operates on brain tumour patient

24.03.2015. Večernji list
RONNA – Croatian brain surgery robot

17.07.2013. dnevnik.hr
See how Croatian neurosurgeons will operate with ROBOT!

17.07.2013. RTL Danas
See what a powerful robot RONNA can do!

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